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Operator Nick Sheard.

QTH: Alhaurin el Grande in the Malaga Region of Andalucia, Southern Spain (locator: IM76pp).
E-mail: EA7JXH.  See a view of our village.

Married to Susie, who's from 9M2. She has no interest in amateur (ham) radio - "Why does our house have to look like a ship?" - she has asked in the past. Visit Nick & Susie's page and see our pictures. Arrggggh!!

Originally licensed as G8KLY in the early 1970’s in Yorkshire, Northern England. Then became G4GCP in 1976, and finally EA7JXH in July 2015 in Malaga, Spain. Over 40 years of Ham Radio!

The Station operates on all bands 40 to 6 metres from our house in the Málaga Region of Southern Spain. The QTH is about 900 feet (275 metres) above sea level on the northern slopes of the Sierra de Mijas and has a clear take-off from the south-west, clockwise round to the east. To the south-east and south the mountain, at 3,773 ft (1,150 metres) provides a very effective RF screen.

Equipment currently in use comprises an Icom IC-756 PRO III or a Kenwood TS-480 HX into a rotatable trap dipole for ten, fifteen and twenty, at about 40 feet (12 metres) above the ground, on the house roof. A three element LFA six metre beam is mounted above the trap dipole at about 45 ft (13½ metres).
A wire dipole for forty metres and a groundplane each for seventeen and twelve metres, also on the roof, take care of the other bands.
Should more power be needed, the amplifier is a solid state HVLA1K3 linear from RFpower.

The current configuration has the Icom radio as the main transceiver for SSB, while the Kenwood is utilised for the digital modes.
Although the digital station works well and very efficiently, I have little enthusiasm for watching my computer exchange reports with other people's computers. I much prefer using a microphone and communicating directly with an actual person.

Current Antennas
Current antennas for 6,10, 15 and 20.

Logbook, the latest contacts.         Live feed, updates every minute.

Digital Mobile Radio. It came to my attention that the local digital repeater, ED7ZAC, which was previously just D-STAR, had been upgraded to include DMR on the Brandmeister network. As it is only about 9km from here I had to have a go!
One TYT MD-380 later, for a surprisingly small amount of money, and off we go. Quite a learning curve, but what a clever radio and remarkable value. Unfortunately, the local terrain means repeater coverage is not good enough for a handheld radio in our village.
A bit more shopping and a SharkRF hotspot sorted things out. Another learning curve but, at the end of the day, it all works perfectly.

The Kenwood TS-480 HX is a great little transceiver, and I have searched hard to find all the information, tips and modifications available for it, which I have consolidated in one place and share with you here.

My EA Callsign was something I had put off obtaining for far too long. However, it turned out to be a much less daunting task than I had expected. To encourage other UK Class A licence holders, who may share my previous concerns, I have recorded how I went about it, to help them on their way. You can find the information here.

View north
Takeoff from EA7JXH to the north, looking over the Guadalhorce valley.

73’s from Nick
E-mail: EA7JXH   Email Nick
Force9 broadband. Use OpenDNS
Malaga weather now:- Click for Malaga, Spain Forecast Click on the "Weather Underground" image for comprehensive current weather details and a full ten day forecast for Malaga.



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Last update: February 2018